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No! If you are comfortable with the level your WSDC points put you at, you can attend all workshops suitable for that level, as well as any in the lower levels - you only need to audition if you would like the opportunity to be placed in a higher level than your WSDC points currently let you attend, or if you don't compete, and want to be given a level. 


Auditions are done to give attendees the best workshop experience possible. We know that the WSDC points system isn't really an accurate benchmark of everyone's dance ability, merely their competitive abilities! While the audition process isn't perfect either, between points and auditions, we feel our professional staff are able to determine the best group for you to learn in, and with. 


Every year we try to improve our audition process to make them even better and more fair, listening to your feedback in the surveys, which is why this year we will be offering additional feedback for people coming to auditions. 


Auditions are only required if you would like to access a higher level than you are currently eligible for, based on the levels set for 2023. You will need to audition if you are not a competitive dancer in order that we can place you in the correct learning environment.

Dancing order

Level 3 dancers wishing to access level 4 are first to audition. Please leave the ballroom once you have finished dancing.

Level 2 dancers wishing to access level 3 are second to audition. Please leave the ballroom once you have finished dancing.


Fundamentals/beginner dancer wishing to access level 2 are the final group to audition.



  1. You will wear your bib number.

  2. You will be raw scored by the judges.

    1. The raw score will be averaged across the judges.

    2. Your final score will place your level.

    3. You will be at the level of your raw score or your preset level based on points, whichever is higher.

  3. You can only audition 1 time.

  4. Your partner will be of a higher level to provide your best dance possible.

  5. You will rotate to have more than 1 dance.

  6. If the judges feel you are capable of being pushed up multiple levels, they have the option to do so in their scoring.

  7. You may attend any workshop at your level, PLUS any and all workshops of lower levels



Each year we offer 4 levels of workshop, from refining the basics, up to an Advanced/AS level.  To ensure a balance of numbers in each level, we will be setting the cut-off points closer to the date of the event, once we have a clearer understanding of who is attending.  To help us do this, don't wait to buy your pass!

For reference, here are the level cut-off's which are based on your WSDC points.

We reserve the right to change the criteria closer to the event, depending on the number of registrants, in order to better balance the groups

WCS Fundamentals New to WCS, or working on refining your skills for better success at Newcomer and Novice level


Level 2 Requires a minimum of 5 Novice points. We encourage EVERYONE to audition for this level if you don’t yet have a Novice point. Help us place you correctly.


Level 3 Requires 16 Novice points or audition.


Level 4 Requires 30 Intermediate points or audition. 

Auditions are scheduled on Friday late afternoon and Saturday morning. Please plan attending only one of the auditions. We won't make a second audition on Saturday for people who already auditioned. You can attend all workshops of your level AND below as well as all 'All-Level' classes.

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